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Meet Your Team

"Our team dives deep into the weeds to understand and ‘uncomplicate’ what’s going on with investment opportunities."

Steven Morrison

Financial Analyst, CAIA®

Direct Phone: 203-987-3201

Cell Phone: 845-797-9520

Steve joined Coastal Bridge Advisors in July of 2018 as a Financial Analyst. In this role, he is tasked with the primary responsibilities of generating asset allocation portfolio recommendations and supporting Coastal Bridge Advisors’ investment management activities through manager research, due diligence, and analysis.

When asked how he helps clients from the investment side, he says, “Supporting our clients is all based on a 360 degree perspective. Every investment decision for a client’s portfolio provides support for the overall financial and life goals that they have established – from simple cash raises, to more complicated custom investment solutions. The options are analyzed and monitored, to provide an appropriate recommendation.

And, we try to keep the process simple for them. We stick to our company motto, ‘Uncomplicate It’.  That means that our team dives deep into the weeds to understand and ‘uncomplicate’ what’s going on with investment opportunities. It gets me motivated to learn more about the everyday things I’m involved in and then to be able to share what I’ve learned with our clients in an easy-to-understand format. After we get their OK, we then take care of any complicated pieces in execution to help them achieve their goals.”

Steven is a graduate of Marist College where he earned degrees in Business Administration, Mathematics and Economics while also serving as the Captain of the Track/Cross Country team. He is a CFA® Level III Candidate, has the CAIA® charter and a Series 65 license.

He resides in Stamford, Connecticut where he spends his free time playing various sports, reading, and hiking with friends.