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Meet Your Team

"We have to manage a lot of moving parts for our clients, which is why I try to live by our company motto, ‘Uncomplicate It’."

Michael Twomey

Director of Operations

Direct Phone: (203) 683-1526

Cell Phone: (914) 621-8360

Mike joined Coastal Bridge Advisors in the spring of 2018 as Director of Operations. In this role, Mike is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the firm’s integrated wealth management platform.

Although his primary focus is on technology and quantitative analysis, he says it all contributes to the same outcome, that “Coastal Bridge Advisors creates peace of mind for our clients by providing a holistic wealth management experience rooted in trust and transparency.”

He adds that the most important thing is his focus on the long-term needs, saying, “A client relationship based solely on investment performance will not last.  Only when we are true stewards of our client’s wealth will we be able to keep our clients invested in any market.”

“To do this, we have to manage a lot of moving parts for our clients, which is why I try to live by our company motto, ‘Uncomplicate It’, which to me, means making it seamless for them, in part by leveraging a consistent, accurate and complete client data set to proactively seek to create better financial outcomes for our clients.”

Mike formerly worked at Dynasty Financial Partners where he was a VP on the Investment team. He was a primary investment contact for the nearly 50 independent RIAs within the Dynasty network.  Previously, he was an AVP – Portfolio Strategy Consultant at Envestnet Asset Management, assisting financial advisors with portfolio construction and implementation.

Mike is a graduate of Georgetown University and lives in Fairfield, CT with his wife and two sons