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Meet Your Team

"Our clients are our first priority. We take interest in their personal lives only to best serve them, their families and their future."

Kim Forcier

Business Operations Administrator

Direct Phone: 203-987-6131

Cell Phone: 203-856-5636

Kim is a Business Operations Administrator for Coastal Bridge Advisors where she is responsible for HR administration, billing, document management, financial analysis and vendor administration.

When asked about her role, she answers cheerfully, “Our clients are our first priority.  We take interest in their personal lives only to best serve them, their families and their future.

“They tell us that they appreciate the hands-on treatment they receive from us.  They provide us with every means of communication to reach them, so we can best serve them, whether it’s email, phone, text, or in some cases, even the U.S. Mail.

“I especially like our company motto, ‘Uncomplicate It because it sums up our focus on making things easier for our clients, helping to simplify the understanding of finance, investment, and planning in this crazy, fast paced new world we live in.”

Prior to working Coastal Bridge Advisors, Kim worked for Knight Rolleri Shepard CPAs (KRS) and has also held bookkeeping, HR and office administration roles for Playtex International and Pro Golf Discount.

She lives in Norwalk, CT with her husband, daughter, and “4-legged furry friends”.  In her spare time, Kim enjoys hosting junior hockey teammates from the CT Oilers/CT Roughriders.