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Meet Your Team

"We want our clients to have the comfort of knowing we are here to provide advice and direction in times of uncertainty or joy, which we’ve been told makes a difference."

Emily Clare Fenn


Direct Phone: 203-987-6128

Cell Phone: 203-613-9147


Emily is an Advisor at Coastal Bridge Advisors, having previously held the position of Director of Advisory Services at the firm.

For the past 10 years with the firm, she has been committed to providing exceptional care for all clients, which she sums up this way, “In addition to providing the appropriate planning and investment advice, we are willing to help with anything needed, all the way from helping clients book travel with credit card points to cataloging a client’s art and jewelry collection for Estate Planning. We always go the extra mile. As I often say, ‘All you have to do is ask….’”

Working with clients over the years, she has learned that “money management” is much more than properly balancing a portfolio. She says, “Depending on the degree of engagement they want, we are often intimately involved in our clients lives. From marriage to the birth of a child or grandchild, all the way to divorce or death in the family – in all of these instances we might be involved in the process at some point and are there to see our clients through the best of times and the worst of times. We want them to have the comfort of knowing we are here to provide advice and direction in times of uncertainty or joy, which we’ve been told makes a difference.”

Emily joined Coastal Bridge Advisors in 2009, bridging from a career in teaching where she had effectively deployed her organizational and inter-personal skills she then brought to the firm.

“I really like our company motto”, she says. “’Uncomplicate It sums up our philosophy because amassing wealth or inheriting it often comes with complications. It’s our job to break down complicated topics or financially related planning so that it is easily understood by those who may be less familiar with such things as trust & estate planning or portfolio management. We strive to simplify and explain something that might feel complicated to clients to empower them to understand the “why” behind our recommendations.”

Emily is a 2005 graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where she graduated as an NCAA Academic All-American.

She is married and lives in Westport, CT. In her free time, Emily enjoys working out, watching college sports, and spending time with her family.