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Meet Your Team

"My role is to support those who serve our clients so that we can continue to meet and anticipate their needs."

Christine Smith

Executive Assistant

Direct Phone: 203-742-5957

Cell Phone: 847-533-5812

Christine is an Executive Assistant for Coastal Bridge Advisors where she is responsible for providing administrative support for the firms’ executive team as well as assisting in the support of the overall operations of the firm.

“My role is to support those who serve our clients so that we can continue to meet and anticipate their needs”, she says. “It’s a close-knit relationship which allows us to build more trust and demonstrate to our clients how we genuinely care about their financial well-being. We are always available when they call with whatever questions, requests, or concerns they may have.

“In my role, I notice that our clients feel more comfortable when we help them create an intelligent and well-constructed plan for their financial life, which resonates with me because I have often heard that ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’.”

She continues, “I work hard to support out company motto – ‘Uncomplicate It’. To me it means to simplify, de-clutter, de-stress, to use terms I can understand, not some ‘mumbo-jumbo’ financial jargon. It means more client-focus, more attention paid to the client.”

Prior to Coastal Bridge Advisors, Christine worked in Executive Assistant roles at DRW Trading Group and BMO Capital Markets, where she helped support the operations of the firm.

She graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Minor in Secondary Education.

Christine currently resides in Westport, CT and in her free time enjoys fine dining and spending time with friends and her growing family. As part of her ongoing commitment to fitness, she enjoys working out and helping others in her role as a barre instructor.