At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we combine our extensive financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and are committed to building client relationships and strategies that transcend market-driven barriers.

In the following essays, various team members from Coastal Bridge Advisors provide insights into how we operate and best serve our clients.  These articles should inform your views of financial well-being and foster a more intelligent approach to fulfilling your personal goals.

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How can I earn 4% from my fixed-income portfolio in a 0% risk-free environment?

“Waiting for interest rates to rise to acceptable levels to invest may be an exercise in futility.” – Bill Loftus

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How do you effectively hedge a locked-up position?

By: Kevin Burns As Published in Worth Magazine “The day the lock-up ended, the stock broke $30, we closed the trade and the loans and taxes were paid. More importantly, our clients took the opportunity to decide it was time to retire.” – Kevin Burns The opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives is …

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How do I manage my concentrated stock positions?

A stunning driver of wealth creation has been the concentrated stock position. Entrepreneurs, corporate executives and investors have enjoyed tremendous appreciation of stock options and company stock due to incentive-based equity compensation plans.

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How do I handle rising taxes?

“Most investors do not pay enough attention to after-tax returns. We expect that to change.”  Bill Loftus

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Is my municipal bond portfolio healthy?

By: Jim Pratt-Heaney As Published in Worth Magazine “The municipal bond market can be like the Wild West.” – Jim Pratt-Heaney More people are retiring than ever before. Income is becoming more relevant to their lives. Tax rates may head higher. Tax free bonds might make sense for your portfolio. But… Given the poor fiscal health …

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