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At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we combine our extensive financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and are committed to building client relationships and strategies that transcend market-driven barriers.

In the following essays, various team members from Coastal Bridge Advisors provide insights into how we operate and best serve our clients.  Published exclusively in Worth magazine, these articles should inform your views of financial well-being and foster a more intelligent approach to fulfilling your personal goals.

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ETFs: Are they too big to fail?

By: Jim Pratt-Heaney Our experience on Wall Street has taught us to be wary of new financial vehicles hailed as the answer to modern investing. In the last 20 years, no investment product has grown in assets more than the exchange traded fund (ETF). This impressive growth might suggest that ETFs add tremendous value for …

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Are we seeing the return of inflation? Or deflation?

WE HAVE A SOLUTION. The Federal Reserve has just started QE3 (Quantitative Easing Round 3), and thoughtful investors are beginning to fear a return of inflation or perhaps even hyper-inflation. Those of us who lived through the 1970s remember how damaging the inflation of those years could be to a family’s wealth. The Fed prints …

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Why invest in bonds when interest rates may finally be rising?

“Bonds provide current yield, have maturities where the principle will be returned and are less volatile than many other investment assets classes.” —Kevin Burns Long ago, one of my most prescient clients said something I will never forget. She was in her late 80s when she told me, “Only God knows which way interest rates …

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What have we really learned from the 2008 financial crisis?

“A Wesleyan University study showed that financial analysts were correct a third of the time, and weather forecasters two-thirds of the time.” —Jim Pratt-Heaney We all remember the headlines: “The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression”; “The markets have changed forever”; “Investors head for safety.” The year 2009 began with world markets down 40 …

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How do I survive the catastrophe du jour?

“Is this the start of another recession before we have even exited the economic collapse of 2008?”–Jim Pratt-Heaney You wake up early and turn on the television. The Middle East is imploding, gas hits $4 a gallon, a major earthquake strikes Japan, followed quickly by a tsunami killing thousands. Dow futures are down 280 points, …

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