At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we combine our extensive financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and are committed to building client relationships and strategies that transcend market-driven barriers.

In the following essays, various team members from Coastal Bridge Advisors provide insights into how we operate and best serve our clients.  These articles should inform your views of financial well-being and foster a more intelligent approach to fulfilling your personal goals.

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The Conundrum of Required Minimum IRA Distributions

By: Susie Kowalsky, Senior Client Liaison, Coastal Bridge Advisors The traditional IRA mandates required minimum distributions (RMDs) to be satisfied each year by December 31st beginning at age 70½. The RMD rules were established to force those with retirement funds to withdraw some of these monies as taxable distributions while still alive rather than accumulating …

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Why would you set up a family office yourself when others can do it for you, and more efficiently?

By: Emily Clare Fenn As Published in Worth Magazine No manual exists on how to set up a family office. Considering that each family’s circumstances and needs are unique, this stands to reason. However, while the makeup and operations of individual family offices may be different, they have one thing in common: Setting up and maintaining a bespoke set of services is often expensive …

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Why does planning precede asset allocation and manager selection when constructing a client portfolio?

By: Michael Kazakewich As Published in Worth Magazine Landmark studies have shown asset allocation to be the single biggest contributor to the overall performance of a portfolio.  More meaningful than security selection or market timing, asset allocation has the potential to affect a client’s net worth in the most significant way.  In choosing a variety of …

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How can my advisor help me organize a successful family meeting?

By: Sarah K. Simon, JD As Published in Worth Magazine Families gather for many reasons, such as to celebrate birthdays and holidays, weddings and reunions; they come together for special events or merely “just because.” Less frequent, but arguably even more important, is the occasion to come together for a designated meeting to discuss family finances. …

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How Does My Advisor Address my Responsibilities to My Family?

By: Michael Kazakewich, Partner As Published in Worth Magazine One of the planning issues we address on a recurring basis is the responsibility our clients have assumed for their family members.  As a firm dedicated to the individual needs of our clients, we are mindful that the broader family must be considered when developing a plan …

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How Can Client Service Bring Transparency & Order To Your Financial Life?

By: Emily Clare Fenn, Director of Family Office Services As Published in Worth Magazine Someone once told me, “If you’ve seen one family office, you’ve seen one family office.” That is how it should be; no two families need the exactly the same thing. At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we offer customized family office services to our …

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How can I benefit from a team approach to investing?

By: Jeff Fuhrman and Jeff Kalapos As Published in Worth Magazine The Navy SEALs have a saying: “Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” It is in this vein that Coastal Bridge Advisors’s own team approach combines with great discipline to help best serve client interests. One of the most pointed examples of this dynamic at work is through our investment committee. To …

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How does ‘client experience’ impact our technology investments?

“When we make the appropriate technology investments, we believe an improved client experience is the ultimate reward.” – Jeff Fuhrman

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