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At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we combine our extensive financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and are committed to building client relationships and strategies that transcend market-driven barriers.

In the following essays, various team members from Coastal Bridge Advisors provide insights into how we operate and best serve our clients.  Published exclusively in Worth magazine, these articles should inform your views of financial well-being and foster a more intelligent approach to fulfilling your personal goals.

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What is the main mission of Save the Children, and what is your firm’s involvement?

“ What is the main mission of Save the Children, and what is your firm’s involvement?” By: Coastal Bridge Advisors Bill Loftus works as the volunteer chairman of the advisors council to Save the Children (SC), an organization which currently serves 185 million children in more than 120 countries worldwide. In this role, Loftus serves as …

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What is the “triple impact” of your philanthropic gift?

A truly rewarding part of our job is working with families to structure their charitable gifts to sup- port the causes they are passionate about. But this is just one of the three impacts of a family’s philanthropic gift, because family members get to experience the emotional benefits of their gift; and the gift in …

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As a fiduciary, do you have a roadmap to success for yourself and your not-for-profit?

“The benefit of a properly structured IPS is that it acts as a guidepost, allowing for your organization now and in the future to know how and why assets are invested, in a systematic way.” —Jim Pratt-Heaney Many individuals are actively involved in a variety of not-for-profit organizations through their own family foundations or other …

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