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At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we combine our extensive financial expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and are committed to building client relationships and strategies that transcend market-driven barriers.

In the following essays, various team members from Coastal Bridge Advisors provide insights into how we operate and best serve our clients.  Published exclusively in Worth magazine, these articles should inform your views of financial well-being and foster a more intelligent approach to fulfilling your personal goals.

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What should I know about Qualified Small Business Stock?

The Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) exemption, outlined in Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code, provides one of the most beneficial capital gains tax benefits in federal income tax law. Yet, in our experience, too few take advantage of it. That’s unfortunate, because the exemption gives entrepreneurs and investors a way to sell stock …

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What are some important pre-sale considerations for business owners?

“The three pillars of an effective wealth planning strategy are the timing of the valuation, the timing of the gift and discounting.” —Bill Loftus When a business is up for sale, closing the deal is often the top priority for the owner—understandably so, because for many owners, the business itself represents the largest asset on …

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Is an ESOP right for your business?

“ESOPs provide significant tax benefits [and] with higher taxes looming, [they] present an alternative to private equity liquidity or a sale to a strategic buyer.” —Bill Loftus If you are considering selling your company, consider the advantages of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). ESOPs, in existence since the late 1950s, provide significant tax benefits …

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