Department of Labor Proposed Fiduciary Regulations

A letter from Founding Partner, Jim Pratt-Heaney regarding the proposed changes by the United States Department of Labor and their impact on Coastal Bridge Advisors The Department of Labor has announced that the implementation of the new Fiduciary Rule, which expands the “investment adviser fiduciary” definition under ERISA and places additional restrictions on the provision of …

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Coastal Bridge Team Unveils a New Look

New name, new entryway. The team members of Coastal Bridge Advisors usher in a new era with the unveiling of the firm’s NEW front door at its main office in Westport. We can’t wait for you to see it in person!

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The Suit Magazine: The World of Financial Advice Undergoing Change

An Interview with Jeff Fuhrman, President, Coastal Bridge Advisors ~ Raising the Standard of Care ~ Regulatory responses to great financial crises vary in their intensity, focus and effectiveness. The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 was ushered in eleven years after the Great Depression and helped define the roles and responsibilities of the financial advisor …

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Coastal Bridge Advisors Honored with 2017 Community Compassion Award

~ Recipient of Award at Near and Far Aid’s Annual Gala ~ Coastal Bridge Advisors, an independent wealth management firm with approximately $2 billion in client assets announced today that it was recognized with the 2017 Community Compassion Award by Near & Far Aid, an all-volunteer fundraising and fund granting organization dedicated to eliminating the …

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LLBH Announces Name Change to Coastal Bridge Advisors

LLBH Private Wealth Management, an independently registered investment advisor, has today announced a full rebrand and unveiled its new corporate identity. Effective immediately, LLBH will be known as Coastal Bridge Advisors, a name that better illustrates the firm’s steadfast commitment to client relationships and strategies that aim to transcend physical and market-driven barriers. Founding partner, …

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Coastal Bridge Advisors Wins Prominent Industry Award for Best Private Wealth Manager Under $5B

Coastal Bridge Advisors Wins Prominent Industry Award for Best Private Wealth Manager Under $5B ~Nominated in Three Categories~ Westport, CT – February 16, 2017 – Coastal Bridge Advisors, an independent wealth management firm with approximately $2 billion in client assets, announced today it has been named the winner of the 2017 “Best Private Wealth Manager Under $5B” …

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Coastal Bridge Advisors Names Jeff Fuhrman President

— Registered Investment Advisor Demonstrates Commitment to Growth with Promotion of Executive to New Leadership Role — Westport, CT – August 1, 2016 – Coastal Bridge Advisors , an independent wealth management firm, has announced the appointment of Jeff Fuhrman as its President. Fuhrman joined Coastal Bridge Advisors in July of 2013 as its Chief …

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“Will Midstream Master Limited Partnerships Take a Hit?”

MLPs focused on oil and gas processing, transport and storage have rewarded investors, but low energy prices could shrink distributions. Midstream companies don’t explore or drill for oil and natural gas; they process, transport and store the extracted commodities. Their business results are often tied contractually to the volume they transport, rather than oil and …

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Coastal Bridge Advisors is now Coastal Bridge Advisors. Find out more about our new identity.

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