At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we offer comprehensive and innovative investment solutions for institutions including captive insurance companies, endowments, foundations and pension funds. We understand that each institution has circumstances unique to them and thus requires a different, bespoke approach to its investment management.  Our mission is to emphasize asset preservation and facilitate growth in a low risk manner. Through a consultative approach and personalized service model, we determine the risk/return goals for each client and provide a customized plan to meet their long-term objectives.

What Makes Coastal Bridge Advisors Different?

Focused on long term value creation and capital preservation

Multi class expertise

Risk-based approach

Experienced senior management

understand The more we know, the better we can design an investment plan that fits your circumstances.  Our experienced professionals  communicate and strategize about your institution’s financial needs, objectives and goals.

createThe foundation of a successful investment portfolio requires intimate knowledge and expertise of the industry.  Our experienced advisors meticulously design your institution’s bespoke investment policy statement.


implementOnce a customized investment portfolio has been designed, we will utilize the best-of-breed investment managers to execute an investment plan.

MonitorWe will monitor and provide updates on your institution’s investment portfolio.  As required,  we will make necessary adjustments to deliver a plan design that works for your institution.