Individuals and Families

Whether for tax and estate planning, lifestyle requirements, family business issues, entrepreneurial needs, next-generation education or philanthropy, Coastal Bridge Advisors is at your service to identify and implement the most effective strategies for you and/or your family.

The Virtual Family Office is a service model that Coastal Bridge Advisors developed to offer a full complement of services for our clients, including long-range financial planning, portfolio and investment management, tax advice, trust and estate planning, concentrated stock hedging, lending, cash management and alternative investment due diligence. This collaborative approach provides clarity and control for our clients, while developing and executing strategies which positively impact their financial well-being.

Coastal Bridge Advisors Process

All our client relationships begin with a comprehensive process to understand your personal and financial goals as well as your expectations.  Armed with this information, we are able to develop a highly personalized financial plan with appropriate recommendations that help you accomplish your goals and objectives.

Investment Management

What’s the best way to build and preserve your wealth? Our approach includes rigorous planning and a disciplined, proven process. Coastal Bridge Advisors will create an investment portfolio matching your objectives.

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Risk Management & Asset Protection

Protecting your family’s wealth requires an understanding of the risks that threaten to diminish it. We’ll educate you on how best to identify and assess risks so we can maximize your protection against them.

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Corporate Services

Coastal Bridge Advisors clients who are corporate executives and business owners can rest easy. We take the lead on creating strategies to achieve your personal wealth management goals through sales of securities, corporate repurchases or employee stock options.

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Trust, Estate, & Legacy Planning

When it comes time for your assets to be passed on to the next generation, how valuable will those assets be? Coastal Bridge Advisors will create a plan to lessen the tax burden on your heirs and ensure your assets retain their value in the future.

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Concierge Services

We live at the center of your wealth management plan. Coastal Bridge Advisors also delivers a variety of highly personalized services to give you the peace of mind to focus on what’s important in your life.

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Active Tax Management

All your investments and holdings should be assessed and managed in a synchronous manner. Coastal Bridge Advisors will work collaboratively with outside tax advisors to minimize tax liabilities and maximize efficiency.

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Global Custody

We have the global expertise to deliver on security requirements. You can rely on our domestic and international network of relationships, our collaborative process and our execution experience to protect your cross-border investment assets.

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Philanthropic Planning

We help you clarify your charitable vision and will identify a clear path toward your giving goals. From grant making to finding a Donor Advised Fund, we can assist you in philanthropic planning.

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