Foundations, Endowments and Pension Funds

What We Do For Foundations, Endowments and Pension Funds

We are committed to assisting foundations and endowments attain their goals, objectives and obligations through specialized investment portfolio creation. At Coastal Bridge Advisors, we provide independent, customized investment solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients in the foundation and endowment market. And as fiduciaries, we have the legal responsibility to act in our client’s best interest.

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Collaboration and communication with our clients is paramount as we develop an appropriate investment framework.
Risk Appetite, liquidity needs and the purpose of the organization are important when drafting the investment policy statement.
Foundations and endowments typically require long-term investment horizons with an emphasis on total return.
Diversification of asset classes and access to alternative and illiquid investments are fundamental components to achieve long-term results.

For our foundation and endowment clients, it’s critical to balance risk, liquidity and total return. Since endowments and foundations have a long-term investment horizon, your portfolio must be built by utilizing alternative and illiquid investment, amongst other opportunities. However, Coastal Bridge Advisors also considers the short-term needs and obligations of the organization, i.e., grants, gifts, and other obligations. Thus, through Coastal Bridge Advisors’s knowledge and expertise, we will create a portfolio that balances your long and short-term strategies.