Case Studies


Speed and Execution: How a $10 million property was purchased in seven days

A multi-million dollar real estate purchase brings its own unique set of challenges. Moreover, a tight deadline during the holidays required an immediate response and an innovative use of resources.

Our client was presented a small window of seven days in which to purchase a $10 million parcel of prime real estate. The vast majority of his wealth was tied up in Restricted Rule 144 stock and he lacked the necessary cash on hand to take advantage of this potential purchase.

Effective relationships allow LLBH d/b/a Coastal Bridge Advisors to secure a line of credit 1

To complicate matters, the opportunity presented itself during the Christmas season while the client was abroad and he needed to close before the end of the year.

Leveraging the relationship with our custodian, Pershing (and its parent BNY Mellon with over $26 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration), we were able to secure a 1.25% line of credit against his concentrated and restricted securities.

Rapid response seals $10 million real estate purchase

As a result of our speed of execution and affiliation with Pershing, our client was able to purchase this unique property.

In fact, eighteen months later he was able to sell it at a 40% premium and was able to continue to hold his appreciated restricted position, which increased in value fourfold during that time period.

1 There can be no assurance that LLBH d/b/a Coastal Bridge Advisors’s relationships will allow the results portrayed herein in for all clients.